Play free slot machines one-armed bandits

The peculiarity of classic slots – copying land-based machines. This section presents casinos with slot machines (one-armed bandits), which can be launched for free or for real money.

History of the slot one-armed bandit

The first machine called “Liberty Bell” was created by a mechanic from San Francisco named Charles Fey. It had 3 reels with images of fruit and card symbols. The term “one-armed” appeared during the period when land-based casinos began to operate. It is associated with the mechanics of the apparatuses: to run them, it was necessary to pull a lever.

“Bandits” slots were called, because the first devices had a minimum return. The chances of winning in them were only 0.15%.

The game process was not simple. The user dropped a coin into the receiver and pulled the lever, activating spins. With a winning combination, the casino paid him money. Slots quickly became popular, today they can be found on any site with gambling entertainment.

Theme and symbolism

The classic theme of bandits – fruit. There are apparatuses devoted to history, sports, adventures, etc. As symbols on the screen you can see fruits, bells, cards, numbers.

Principle of operation

Features of classic apparatuses:

  • Limited number of lines and reels.
  • A small number of images on the field.
  • Simplicity of gameplay and interface.

The player’s goal is to collect a prize combination of identical symbols on the field. To do this, he spins the drums. When they stop, the combination appears. If it is a winning combination, the user’s account is credited with money.

Demo mode

The machines are available in 2 modes – for real money and demo. Users can play free slots one-armed bandits online and without registration. Demo versions are similar in characteristics. The difference is that virtual credits are used instead of real money. In free mode, the visitor can evaluate the parameters of the game, practice, try different strategies.
Demo versions have no time limits. The player can at any time switch to betting money.

How to choose a slot machine

Casinos offer thousands of machines. The player can choose a slot by theme, plot, number of lines and reels. The following parameters affecting the probability of victory are also taken into account:

  • Payback – RTP is the return percentage, which determines how much money from the bets made the player can get during a long session. It is worth choosing machines with a payoff of 96-97%. In some titles it reaches 98% and more.
  • Volatility – Determines the frequency and size of payouts. In high volatility slots, users get rare big wins. If the variance is low, the machine gives payouts more often, but their size is smaller.
  • Jackpot – In machines with a progressive jackpot, the prize pool is made up of users’ bets. It can reach millions. Games with a jackpot are chosen by those who dream of a large payout.
  • Bonus features – The machines have special symbols, freespins, prize rounds, risk games. They make the process more interesting and allow you to get more.

You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the apparatus in demo mode.

Game strategy

The results of the game depend on the random number generator. But, using the right tactics, you can save the bankroll for a long time and increase the chances of getting a payout. Popular strategies:

  • Martingale system. Assumes the game on one line. The user starts with the minimum bet and doubles it in case of defeat. This is done until the first successful spin. Then the minimum bet is set again.
  • Anti-Martingale. The opposite system, in which in case of a loss the bet is reduced by 2 times, and in case of a victory – increased.
  • Assumes a consecutive increase in the rate, and then its gradual decrease.
  • The essence of this tactic is the alternate change of the amount from the minimum to the maximum after each rotation.

There are strategies based on analyzing the volatility of the slot. Their principle is to make bets taking into account the frequency of prize combinations and maximum payouts of the apparatus.

Tips for beginners

In order not to lose all the money and get closer to the desired winnings, novice users need to consider the following tips:

  • It is important to set a bankroll in advance and stick to this limit. You should not play for the last money.
  • You can use the bonuses of the machines. In classic slots there is a doubling game, which allows you to increase the prize money. But it must be remembered that if the result is unsuccessful, the entire amount is burned.
  • You can start with the demo mode. It will help to study the gameplay and evaluate the prize functions of the slot without financial risks.

One hundred percent way to beat the machine does not exist. But it is important to competently manage the process and bankroll.


Is it possible to play from a smartphone?
Yes, casinos offer mobile applications that work anywhere.
How to find out the return of the machine?
This parameter is usually indicated in the description.
Do I need documents to run demo versions?
No, it will not need them, because the user does not need to create an account.
Is it possible to play for money without registration?
No, such functionality is provided only for authorized customers.
What currencies are supported in the casino?
On the site you can bet dollars, euros, cryptocurrencies