Online roulette for free in 2024

Every major online casino has roulette. It has many fans who prefer to bet on red or black or expect to guess the lucky number where the ball will stop. This game is so popular that it has even been given the title of “casino queen”. On sites with entertainment users are available different versions, slightly different rules. To play online gambling slot machines and roulette game, you need to pick a reliable casino and find a suitable product in the catalog.

The best roulette games in 2024

The range of table games is impressive. Casino operators add variations of this gambling entertainment to their collections, but the basic elements are unchanged: a field with sectors, a marked wheel and a ball. If you choose electronic roulette, it is better to do it taking into account the payoff indicator – RTP. It affects what percentage of placed bets the user will be able to return.

RTP (Return to Player) is a theoretically calculated characteristic that shows the result of long sessions. If a player makes hundreds or thousands of bets, he should get back at least 97% of the money spent.

Experienced users recommend to choose any online slots taking into account the RTP: the more it is, the higher the chances of coming out in the plus. For example, the table below shows the top 5 roulettes with a return of more than 97%.

Title Developer RTP
La Partage Roulette Games Inc 98,68%
French Roulette Microgaming 98,65%
Euro Roulette Espresso Games 98,65%
Roulette: Streets of Gold Roxor Gaming 98,65%
Double Bonus Spin Roulette IGT 98,06%

What types of roulette are there

There are different versions of this gambling game, differing in a number of features. Users of online casinos distinguish among them the following:

  • It is more popular than all the others. This roulette wheel has a wheel with 37 cells. The player bets on one or more numbers, on red or black, even or odd. It is possible to choose between larger and smaller.
  • It is less favorable to customers because of the double zero, which plays in favor of the operator. There is less chance of getting into the plus side compared to the European or French versions.
  • It is based on the European one, but has an additional rule: if a player bets on equal odds and the zero falls out, he loses only half of the money. There is also a track for verbal bets on the table, but this is only in land-based casinos.

In addition to these three types, there are other versions. Developers experiment with the interface, genre and add non-standard rules. You can meet a wheel without zero, a table with two or three reels.

How to choose a game

When choosing a version, you need to check the level of return (RTP). From this characteristic depend on the chances of winning. It is also necessary to check that the software was certified – this ensures that the random number generator will work the way the manufacturer envisioned it

To increase the chances, you need to choose gambling entertainment with the highest RTP and use strategies, but even this does not guarantee success. To evaluate a particular platform, you can try to play and spin online roulette for free and without registration in the casino.

Demo mode allows you to understand whether the visitor has a real chance of winning. It is used by both beginners and experienced users.

Advantages of roulette for free and for money

With the spread of online casinos manufacturers of gambling software began to offer different versions of roulette. At the peak of popularity have always been and remain classic European, French and American versions. In online casinos they are available in both paid and demo mode. The latter has many advantages:

  • You don’t have to deposit any funds to play. Even registration is not always required. To run the free version, you need to select the game and click on the Demo button.
  • It is possible without money to study the gameplay, work out strategies, evaluate the payoff.
  • There is no risk of losing the bankroll.

But there is a disadvantage – demo account does not allow you to get money, because of which the degree of excitement is greatly reduced. Long game in free mode quickly gets bored.

If you compare online entertainment with their real prototypes in land-based establishments, they also have a number of advantages. The user does not need to leave the house and go to the club with gambling to make a few bets on red or black – all this is available on the screen of a desktop computer or smartphone.

In addition, the client of the online casino gets access to a lot of bonuses offered by the operator. Also in the catalog of gambling entertainment can be found such versions of roulette, which can not be found in land-based gambling establishments.

How to start playing online roulette for free

This popular gambling entertainment is present in most casinos. To play, it is not necessary to open and deposit an account, you only need to choose a version and understand the rules. The general aspects are the same, so let’s consider the example of the classic variation of the “queen of the casino” – European.

The essence and general rules

The round begins with the placement of bets:

  • Are placed inside the field on specific numbers.
  • Bet on sectors around the inner field – red/black, dozen/column, even/odd, higher/lower.

The second ones give more chances of success, but bring less prize money. After placing the bets, the dealer starts the wheel and drops the ball. When it stops, the winning number is announced.

Winning Strategies

There are different strategies for the game roulette, described on the Internet: Martingale, Fibonacci, Dalembert, Labouchere, according to Romanovsky. Guaranteed to win among them is not. The most famous is the Martingale strategy. It is very simple, as it boils down to the observance of a strict sequence of bets: after losing, you need to increase the amount twice. So it is possible to compensate for the losses for the last round in case of failure. If the bet is successful, it is necessary to return to the original amount and repeat the chain.


How to increase the chances of winning?
To do this, you can use strategies, but they do not guarantee a hundred percent plus game. There is a zero cell on the wheel, shifting the advantage towards the casino.
Is it possible to cheat the dealer?
There is no chance to do this online. You may also get an unlicensed operator who uses fake software with a tweaked RTP.
Which variant is easier to win in - American or European?
In the American version the user has less chances because of two cells with zeroes. In the European version, it is one. In online casinos, you need to consider the return rate - RTP.
Are there betting limits?
Yes. There are limits at each table. Without them, the Martingale strategy would give the client a hundred percent advantage over the operator.
How does the demo mode differ from the paid one?
The difference is the possibility to play for money. All the rules, gameplay, interface and betting ranges are identical.