Online casino blacklist 2024

There are hundreds of sites with gambling entertainment on the web. Not all of them work honestly and are suitable for playing for money. Unscrupulous operators deceive users: do not withdraw funds, place pirated software with tweaked returns, unjustifiably block accounts. Avoid fraudsters will help blacklist casinos. It includes unreliable brands that cheat users and get bad reviews. At these sites is strongly discouraged to play for money.

How do dishonest online casinos work

Fraudsters use various ways to deceive customers. One of them is the use of phishing sites. By design, they are similar to real casinos, but they are fraudulent sites aimed at obtaining player data. When logging in, the user provides a login and password. Operators have access to this information and use it for their own purposes.

Another way is to receive deposits. Fraudsters create sites that resemble casinos, place copies of popular gambling entertainment and set zero returns. The user registers, replenishes the account and makes bets. The chances of winning in scripted machines are extremely low. Even if the slot will give prizes, operators delay payments under any pretext. Often they block players’ accounts.

Common schemes to deceive users

Unscrupulous brands on the blacklist of online casinos, work on several popular schemes.

Using a fake license

The license guarantees the casino’s honesty and fulfillment of its obligations to players. Many unscrupulous brands post information about the authorization, but it is not true. Confirmation of the license is a clickable link that leads to the regulator’s website. By clicking on it, the player will find out the number, expiration date and other data about the authorization.

If there is no information about the license on the site, it is worth contacting tech support and demand to show the information. When the support leaves the answer or refuses to provide data, it is better to bypass the brand. The presence of a license is not everything. It is important to check its relevance and reliability on the regulator’s website.

Delayed or blocked payments

Operators get into blacklists due to the lack of payments. Scammers under various pretexts can simply block the user’s account after his winnings in slots. Delays in payouts are also likely. Sometimes their reasons are justified, more often – not.

  • Lack of verification – If the operator requires confirmation of identity before withdrawal, this does not indicate its bad faith. On the contrary, the procedure is mandatory in almost every licensed casino. It is recommended to go through it immediately after registration. If the operator delays the verification of documents, this is a reason to be wary.
  • Failure to provide all the data when registering – If when creating an account, the client indicated not all the information, the administration will ask to fill in the necessary fields. An unscrupulous operator can immediately block the account.
  • Problems with payment systems – Often fraudsters refer to technical failures or limits of payment services. It is necessary to clarify the information in the support of the system. If it is not about her, then the operator deliberately does not pay out money.
  • Violation of rules – In any casino, including honest and licensed, a player can be blocked for fraudulent actions without the right to withdraw. This is likely in the presence of duplicate accounts. Detailed conditions are specified in the rules. If the user did not violate anything, and the administration blocks his account for illegal actions, he fell for fraudsters.

Counterfeit gaming software

Using copies of popular machines is a common fraud scheme. In the original games, the provider lays the return. How much the machine returns from the user’s bets depends on this value. It does not change. In scripted non-original machines, the operator can lay down the return himself. Fraudsters reduce it to a minimum, and as a result it is not possible to win.

It is difficult to distinguish scripted machines from the original ones visually – they look identical. Experienced players pay attention to the server from which the slot is launched. You need to look at its address. If it differs from the official server of the provider, it means that the software is not original, and the operator is dishonest.

How to identify a fraudulent casino

There are several signs that allow you to recognize the brands on the blacklist of online casinos.

Presence of a license

License – one of the main criteria for the integrity of the site. Its presence – a guarantee that the operator fulfills its obligations. Platforms that operate under the permit, always pay out winnings. They place certified machines and do not interfere with their returns. Also, players can count on the support of the regulator, if it is not possible to solve the problem with the administration. The most popular licenses are from Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. The first thing to check is the authenticity of the authorization and information about the owner.

Website design and phone app

Often scammers repeat the design of popular licensed casinos. Unreliable sites are similar to each other and often differ only in color scheme. The owners do not spend effort and time on their development, so the sites have an unpleasant design and inconvenient interface. The same applies to mobile applications, which many operators have.

Payment systems

Honest brands offer ten or more available payment systems for depositing and withdrawing money. The most popular are bank cards, e-wallets. Mobile transfers and cryptocurrencies are also used. Money is deposited instantly. Payouts of winnings occur within the period specified in the rules.

Fraudulent sites often do not support many popular methods. Only a few payment methods are available to players. Another difference between scammers is the presence of hidden commissions. So, many brands from the list require wagering the deposit with a certain wager, otherwise they charge an additional fee.

Speed of deposit and withdrawal

Deposit, as a rule, is credited instantly. With payouts, the situation is different – processing applications requires a certain amount of time, so even honest brands do not withdraw money instantly. The maximum term is specified in the rules. It is usually up to 48-72 hours. Many operators withdraw money much faster.

Fraudulent brands delay payments under various pretexts. They may require passing numerous checks. In some cases, the account of the user who received the winnings is simply blocked.

The work of tech support

On the sites there is a support service. Its task is to answer users’ questions and help solve problems. Available ways of communication:

  • Online chat on the site.
  • E-mail.
  • Hotline phone.

In reliable casinos, the support answers quickly and competently. A sign of fraudsters – a long output of tech support on the phone. Possible evasion of answers and the provision of untruthful information.

Opinions of players in the network

When compiling the list, the reputation of the brand and reviews about it are taken into account. Users evaluate the site, share information about the speed of financial transactions, the catalog of entertainment, the return of gambling, the work of the customer support. If the brand receives a lot of negative reviews, it gets on the blacklist.

Blacklist of casinos for 2024

It is better to know in advance what sites with gambling entertainment should be bypassed. In this will help blacklist casinos on the page. It includes brands operating without a license, offering copies of machines and cheating users. The list is compiled by experts analyzing hundreds of sites. The list is regularly updated, so it remains relevant.

How the rating of unreliable casinos is formed

To compile a blacklist, experts independently check sites with gambling. They study customer reviews, legal information, etc. The main criteria that are taken into account when forming a list of the worst brands:

  • License. The blacklist includes operators who have not received an official permit to work and deceive visitors, convincing them of its presence.
  • Gambling catalog. The peculiarity of unreliable sites is a limited selection of entertainment. Usually they offer only copies of the original slots. Many types of entertainment, such as live casino, are not available in them.
  • Demo versions. Noteworthy brands offer not only the game for money, but also a free mode. On many sites from the blacklist it is absent. Players bet only with real money, with no guarantees of honesty.
  • The list of payment systems. On unreliable sites they are limited in number.
  • Speed of payouts. Operators on the page delay withdrawals for unreasonable reasons or do not make them at all.
  • Bonus conditions. Unscrupulous brands offer generous promos, but set a huge wager. Often they give no-deposit bonuses, but to withdraw them, they require depositing a large amount.
  • Reviews and reputation. Opinions of players on the Internet form the image of the brand. Platforms that receive a lot of negative reviews and evaluations, get on the blacklist.
  • The work of the support team. Specialists who do not respond to user messages or evade questions – a sign of a casino from the list of the worst.


Honest casinos are suitable for playing for money. Before betting, it is important to check the operator – to evaluate the entertainment catalog, payout speed, bonuses, etc. Black list helps to understand on which sites it is better not to register.


Is the list updated?
Yes, when new sites that violate obligations and receive bad reviews appear, the editorial staff adds them to the list.
Is it worth playing on a new site?
A short period of work does not indicate the dishonesty of the operator and its presence in blacklists. Unknown sites are worth analyzing more carefully.
Why do I need verification?
To confirm the player's identity, to make sure that he is of legal age and that there is no fraud.
What are script casinos?
These are sites that operate without a license and offer copies of gambling entertainment.
Where to find honest reviews?
On independent resources, thematic forums, in groups in social networks.